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Difference between && and where condition in entity framework query

Difference between and condition and two where condition in entity framework query

Code 1

I have using two where condition in my query


code 2

I have using && condition without using two where condition

dbContext.Projects.Where(p=>p.ProjectId!=ProjectId &&

  • What is the difference between code1 and code2????

The both queries are return same value. but i don't know the differences. Please explain to me, which one is better. and why?

Answer Source

If you open your query in LinqPad you will see that both queries


dbContext.Projects.Where(p=>p.ProjectId!=ProjectId && p.Name==Name);

will result both in

SELECT [...]
FROM [...]
WHERE p.ProjectId <> someId AND p.Name = 'something'

There is no difference neither in performance nor in SQL query structure.

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