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Java Question

Method toString() issue

I am creating application for canteen management. I must use the overriden method toString() somewhere so i put it in the class Menu for displaying total menu price.But i can`t call the method in my main(). How can i do this ?

class Menu {

private Soup soup;
private SecondMeal second;
private Dessert desert;

public Menu(int soupId, int secId, int desId) {
soup = new Soup(soupId);
second = new SecondMeal(secId);
desert = new Dessert(desId);

double price = soup.getPrice() + second.getPrice() + desert.getPrice();

//here is my toString() method
public String toString() {
String str = "Your menu price is " + price;
return str;


public class Testing {

public static void main(String [] args) throws FileNotFoundException {

Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
int soupId, secondId, desertId;

do {
System.out.println("Choose soup: ");
soupId = scan.nextInt();
while (soupId < 1 || soupId > 3);

do {
System.out.println("Choose second meal: ");
secondId = scan.nextInt();

while (secondId < 1 || secondId > 3);

do {
System.out.println("Choose dessert: ");
desertId = scan.nextInt();

while (desertId < 1 || desertId > 3);

// here is the problem...
System.out.println(Menu.toString()); // cannot make a static reference to the non-static method


Answer Source


  • You need to create a Menu instance in the main method in order to call methods on it. I'd start there.
  • Your other classes should have toString() methods, including all of the food classes.
  • Within Menu's toString() method you could then iterate through the foods ordered, calling each one's toString() method in order to build up Menu's own String that it will return.
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