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3D Touch Peek turns the screen white

I am trying to add a 3D Touch Preview & Commit Segue to my app, but for some reason whenever I try to peek in the iOS Simulator the area behind the view controller being peeked turns completely white, whereas it is meant to be blurred. This happened even when I tried implementing 3D Touch programatically in another app.

In the app where I did it using storyboards, I selected the following options for the segue:

Segue Options

And I tried to do it programatically in another app by following these steps (I have the same bug in that app too):

  1. Call
    registerForPreviewing(with: self, sourceView: view)

  2. Implement
    as follows:

    1. In
      , fetch the correct indexPath, set the context's source rect to it, instantiate the detail navigation controller from the storyboard, and return it.

    2. In
      , push
      (viewControllerToCommit as? UINavigationController)?.rootViewController
      onto the navigation stack.

I'm not entirely sure whether this bug is specific to the iOS Simulator, since I don't have a 3D Touch enabled iOS device, but are there any additional steps required to correctly implement peeking and popping?

Here is an example of the bug that I'm encountering:

3D Touch Peek Bug

Answer Source

I managed to test the apps on a 3D Touch capable iOS device, and I can confirm that Peek and Pop works perfectly on the device with both apps. I have hence come to the conclusion that this is a simulator-specific bug.

Peek and Pop on iPhone

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