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Apache Configuration Question

Windows Server 2008 R2 error 1053 apache

I have a simple PHP application running on this server which allows other people to verify some information on-line. The apache was running OK until a few days back.
The application uses Postgrees and the apache service was configured by an add-on "Enterprise Db Apache", it was not configured by me and is connected to a portal to be shown on-line. This was kinda dropped on me and I had no prior knowledge or experience with databases nor servers and need to put it back on-line. How can I start to find out what made it stop?

Here's a link to the error I'm receiving when trying to start it back again:

Tried updating .NET to no success,
I've searched around SO and all the threads I found were based on custom services people wrote, and found out that this error code is very generic, I'm very lost and have my neck on the chopping block.

EDIT: Tried some fixes suggested here but had no success. I'm thinking about reinstalling the service, is it a really bad idea? Is there a safe way of doing this without loss of data in the Database? Is there a tutorial on this here already?

Answer Source

The problem was with compatibility of the versions of C/C++ libraries in the server which lead to the programs related to the service not being able to start properly. A simple reinstalation of the compatible version of the libraries made the service able to be started again.

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