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Remove duplicates in Ruby Array

I can very easily remove duplicates in an array by using

, but how would I go about doing it without using the

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The code for most Ruby methods can be found in the ruby-doc.org API documentation. If you mouse over a method's documentation, a "click to toggle source" button appears. The code is in C, but it's very easy to understand.

if (RARRAY_LEN(ary) <= 1)
    return rb_ary_dup(ary);

if (rb_block_given_p()) {
    hash = ary_make_hash_by(ary);
    uniq = rb_hash_values(hash);
else {
    hash = ary_make_hash(ary);
    uniq = rb_hash_values(hash);

If there's one element, return it. Otherwise turn the elements into hash keys, turn the hash back into an array.

Alternatively, use a Set. A set will never have duplicates. Loading set adds the method to_set to all Enumerable objects, which includes Arrays. However, a Set is usually implemented as a Hash so you're doing the same thing.

Alternatively, sort the Array and loop through it pushing each element onto a new Array. If the last element on the new Array matches the current element, discard it.

array = [2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 4, 5];
uniq = []

# This copies the whole array and the duplicates, wasting
# memory.  And sort is O(nlogn).
array.sort.each { |e|
  uniq.push(e) if e != uniq[-1]

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
puts uniq.inspect

This method is to be avoided because it is slower and takes more memory than the other methods. The sort makes it slower. Sorting is O(nlogn) meaning as the array gets bigger sorting will get slower quicker than the array grows. It also requires you to copy the whole array, with duplicates, unless you want to alter the original data by sorting in place with sort!.

The other methods are O(n) speed and O(n) memory meaning they will scale linearly as the array gets bigger. And they don't have to copy the duplicates which can use substantially less memory.

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