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Make POD from class with virtual members

I have two classes: Parent and Derived. I want to achieve ability to save and read them from/to binary file, or transfer them. Please help with idea or code snippets how do it.

class Parent {
virtual int func1(){ return 1; }
virtual unsigned func2() = 0;
std::string asd;

class Derived : public Parent {
unsigned func2(){ return 2; }
bool boo;

Save to binary file

Parent *obj = new Derived;
write_to_file( obj, sizeof(*obj) );

Then read from file

read_from_file( obj, sizeof(*obj) );

But this method will overwrite pointers to virtual functions. So I need to create POD class without virtuals to save it and to read from file. Right? Create reflected POD class for every Derived seems not good idea.

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Answer Source

There is no direct answer to this question. You should use serialization. C++ has no native serializers, as Java or C#. But there are a lot of open-source serializers over the internet. For example boost::serialization, s11n, and many others.

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