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iOS Question

How to display PDF files from remote location on UIWebView using Swift?

I'm trying to display a pdf file, using an iOS app, that is located on our website. Here's how I'm doing this:

override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) {
print("preparing segue")
if segue.identifier == "PdfWebView" {

print("Found segue")

let detailViewController = segue.destinationViewController as! PdfViewController

let myIndexPath = self.tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow!

let row = myIndexPath.row

//Pass selected cell title to next View = pdfLinks[row]

print("Website: ",

// This is on pdfViewController

// The webiste =

if let website = website {
print("Getting pdf: ",website)

if let pdf = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource(website, withExtension: "pdf", subdirectory: nil, localization: nil){

print(pdf) // <-- this is always nil
let req = NSURLRequest(URL: pdf)




What am I doing wrong? Needless to say, this is my very first app that I'm developing.


If the file is not in your app you should not use NSBundle.

let pdfUrl = NSURL(string: website)
let req = NSURLRequest(URL: pdfUrl)

I'm also not sure why you are adding the webView subview to the view. Shouldn't that be done somewhere else? Shouldn't you push a controller with the webview instead?