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How do I retrieve all matches for a regular expression in JavaScript?

I am new to regular expressions. I'm trying to parse the following kind of string:

[key:"val" key2:"val2"]

where there are arbitrary key:"val" pairs inside. I want to grab the key name and the value.
For those curious I'm trying to parse the database format of task warrior. Here is my test string:

[description:"aoeu" uuid:"123sth"]
which is meant to highlight that anything can be in a key or value aside from space, no spaces around the colons, and values are always in double quotes. In node, this is my output:

[deuteronomy][gatlin][~]$ node
> var re = /^\[(?:(.+?):"(.+?)"\s*)+\]$/g
> re.exec('[description:"aoeu" uuid:"123sth"]');
[ '[description:"aoeu" uuid:"123sth"]',
index: 0,
input: '[description:"aoeu" uuid:"123sth"]' ]

also matches this pattern. How can I get all matches back?

Answer Source

Continue calling re.exec(s) in a loop to obtain all the matches:

var re = /\s*([^[:]+):\"([^"]+)"/g;
var s = '[description:"aoeu" uuid:"123sth"]';
var m;

do {
    m = re.exec(s);
    if (m) {
        console.log(m[1], m[2]);
} while (m);

Try it with this jsfiddle:

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