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Rails: Rollback Mistake

I have created a table called "property" and I did not migrate it yet. I then wanted to delete the table, so when I did

rake db:rollback
as below. My previously created table, which I did not want to delete at all, is now reverted. How should I revive my model "comment" and instead delete the last model "property" only.

Some comments say do "redo" or "run migrate" but if I do a
rake db:migrate
, I feel like it will delete the comment model permanently. Am I wrong? What is right solution to bring back my comment model?

:~/workspace (revoke) $ rails g model property title address note price$ priceW
Running via Spring preloader in process 3066
invoke active_record
create db/migrate/20160517222114_create_properties.rb
create app/models/property.rb
invoke test_unit
create test/models/property_test.rb
create test/fixtures/properties.yml
:~/workspace (revoke) $ bundle exec rake db:rollback
== 20160506122941 CreateComments: reverting ===================================
-- drop_table(:comments)
-> 0.0011s
== 20160506122941 CreateComments: reverted (0.0096s) ==========================

Answer Source

Once you've done the rake db:rollback, you've made a change to the database. In this case, it dropped your comments table, as you can see in the output: drop_table(:comments). The data is gone, already. We've all been there at least once.

Running rake db:migrate will restore the comments table structure, but not the data in it. In this situation, if you want to get to the point that your new table property isn't migrated, you can run rake db:migrate to run all new migrations, and then rake db:rollback once to rollback the migration for property.

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