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Java Question

Attach the Source in Eclipse of a jar

I added a

into my
Build Path
in my eclipse like this-

Right click on the project->BuildPath->Configure Build
Path->Libraries->Add External Jars

There is one class named
file. When I was debugging my code in eclipse, I stepped into that
class in the

And after that eclipse shows me like this-

The JAR file
has no source attachment.
You can attach the source by clicking Attach Source below

Now I am not sure how should I attach the source in my eclipse. And from where? Can anyone provide me step by step what I need to do.

I tried unzipping the
and I got
Student folder
. And after that I tried pointing the source to
Student folder
But still I am not able to see the class properly so that I can debug it properly, it shows the same above behavior.

Answer Source

A .jar file usually only contains the .class files, not the .java files they were compiled from. That's why eclipse is telling you it doesn't know the source code of that class.

"Attaching" the source to a JAR means telling eclipse where the source code can be found. Of course, if you don't know yourself, that feature is of little help. Of course, you could try googling for the source code (or check wherever you got the JAR file from).

That said, you don't necessarily need the source to debug.

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