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MySQL Question

MySql full text search 2 characters

I'm using MySQL FullText Index Search on my system and when I search with 3 characters the query works well but when I search with 2 characters the query returns null.
I use this query:

select * from table where MATCH (description) AGAINST ('+gp*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

I already use this command
show variables like 'ft%'
to get the value of
and the value is 4. It is strange that with 3 characters the quey works.
However i tried to change this value on file /root/.my.cnf. (I use Ubuntu 14.04 and server pilot). I add this to the file:


Restart the mysql, drop index and create index.

Although when I execute this command again
show variables like 'ft%'
the value still remains 4.
How do I use mysql full text search with 2 characters?

Any help will be apreciated!

Answer Source

Correct location of the my.cnf?


Take a look here or here

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