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Android shell chown u0_49

I'm having some trouble with changing owner in the shell on my android. I'm trying to change the owner and group of a file to match another file in the directory. When I

ls -l
the other files have an owner of
I tried to
su chown u0_a49:u0_49
When I tried that I got the error
tmp-mksh: u0_a49:u0_a49: not found
I tried it with
as well and no luck. Any idea why I can't set this permission?


What is the id of your current user who execute chown? You can only change ownership to your own user id and group id in Android.

$ id
uid=2000(shell) gid=2000(shell) groups=2000(shell),1004(input),1007(log),1011(adb),1015(sdcard_rw),1028(sdcard_r),3001(net_bt_admin),3002(net_bt),3003(inet),3006(net_bw_stats) context=u:r:shell:s0
$ chown file
$ chown 2000.2000 file # use the gid.uid style