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Ruby Question

Conditionally add class to link_to with slim syntax

I have a link and the code is as follows:

= link_to 'Payment', account_payment_path, class:{'active'}

and I want to add a conditional logic to the view, so if the
is same, then add class

I then change to the following code

= link_to 'Payment', account_payment_path, class:{'active' if action_name == 'payment'}

but it results in error. How can I fix it.?

Answer Source

If you want to get active links there is a gem build for that active_link_to, you can use it like this and it will handle adding the active class for you:

=active_link_to 'Payment', account_payment_path

for your problem you can use this:

= link_to 'Payment', account_payment_path, class: (action_name == 'payment' ? 'active' : '')
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