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iOS Question

Show duplicate action outlet

I have been using Mac OS - EI Capitan (Version 10.11.2) and Xcode - 7.2 and developing projects using xib.

In my project multiple button in performing the same action, so I have managed button tag base action manage, but my project in some button action outlet creates, in my xib’s header file show created an action method, but my xib file, right click to show the my UIController outlet list in “Received Action” section show duplicate the action and also same as Connections Inspector.

Following i have put snap shot for help understand my question.

enter image description here

enter image description here

So, why my button Action outler show duplicates?

If i have any mistake to create or set outlet action?

Answer Source

You have set two action of same button with one is parameter and second is without parameter id, so you have see the two method name of same name, but both method is different.

 - (IBAction)btnReplayClick:(id)sender;
 - (IBAction)btnReplayClick;

Show image for more idea

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