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Convert html to wordpress & provide link to menu inside panel

Hi I have an HTML template that I am trying to convert into PHP for WordPress. The homepage has been converted and is shown properly. Next, the menu in navbar is about the page that needs to be converted in PHP. I have just added

at the top and
below. In between these two I have added the HTML content for my entire page. Then I tried to provide the link for the menu that I created, but the content of about page is not visible. Do I need to add any other line for that page apart from
? Or is something wrong with the link?

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Clearly I can't understand what your are trying to say. I think you want to create a page that will show your about menu content.

So in your theme directory create a page name page.php and use get_header(); in first and below get_footer and where you want to show page content write the_content();. like this

get_header(); ?>

<div><?php the_content(); ?></div>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

after that follow the url of @ Sajid Anwar. because for dynamic data you have to create pages(home,about etc) from wordpress dashboard and in menu section add these pages as navigation menu to menu.

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