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Convert a filename to a file:// URL

In WeasyPrint’s public API I accept filenames (among other types) for the HTML inputs. Any filename that works with the built-in

should work, but I need to convert it to an URL in the
scheme that will later be passed to

(Everything is in URL form internally. I need to have a "base URL" for documents in order to resolve relative URL references with

urllib.pathname2url is a start:

Convert the pathname path from the local syntax for a path to the form used in the path component of a URL. This does not produce a complete URL. The return value will already be quoted using the quote() function.

The emphasis is mine, but I do need a complete URL. So far this seems to work:

def path2url(path):
"""Return file:// URL from a filename."""
path = os.path.abspath(path)
if isinstance(path, unicode):
path = path.encode('utf8')
return 'file:' + urlparse.pathname2url(path)

UTF-8 seems to be recommended by RFC 3987 (IRI). But in this case (the URL is meant for urllib, eventually) maybe I should use sys.getfilesystemencoding()?

However, based on the literature I should prepend not just
... except when I should not: On Windows the results from
already start with three slashes.

So the question is: is there a better way to do this and make it cross-platform?

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For completeness, in Python 3.4+, you should do:

import pathlib

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