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CSS Question

Scrollbar refuses to be hidden on IE / Firefox

The traditional fix for this issue, in this instance - is not working for me. The vertical scroll bar persists. See below:

.outer {
overflow: hidden;
.inner {
overflow: auto;

enter image description here

I need all the divs in my navigation. I've attempted to add the outer and inner overflow attribute at several levels of the parent/child div relations. None of which seem to be working. Here is my div tree:


There does not appear to be any conflicting code that would stop overflow from working.

Answer Source

It looks like the fiddle successfully works because the scrollbar of the inner #scroller div is being hidden by the outer #wrapper div. Notice that #scroller is 20px wider than #wrapper. Try setting widths for your divs, making the inner div wider than the outer, and see if that gives you the result you're looking for.

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