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Android Question

'Cannot read property 'listRegistrationsByTag' of undefined' from Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MobileServices.Push.RegisterAsync

This is a Xamarin.Forms app running on Android, based on the Azure getting started Mobile App example.

I'm trying to register a device's id for notification services. Originally I was getting unauthorized, so I relaxed authorization settings on the backend. Now I am getting this error and cannot find a reason why.

I checked and double checked that notification hub has the correct Firebase details that align with the app and cannot see what the problem is here, any help appreciated.

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  • If you set WEBSITE_PUSH_ENABLED=false in your appsettings, does the problem go away?
  • Can you check your Mobile App's app settings? Specifically, I am looking for the existence of the app setting "MS_NotificationHubName". If that app setting doesn't exist, you need to add it, with the name of your notification hub.
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