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Custom Cell Row Height setting in storyboard is not responding

I am trying to adjust the cell height for one of the cells on my table view. I am adjusting the size from the "row height" setting inside the "size inspector" of the cell in question. When I run the app on my iPhone the cell has the default size set from the "row size" in the table view.

If I change the "row size" of the table view then the size of all cells changes. I do not want to do that as I want a custom size only for one cell. I have seen a lot of posts that have a programmatic solution to the problem, but I would prefer to do it through storyboard, if that is possible.

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On dynamic cells, rowHeight set on the UITableView always overrides the individual cells' rowHeight.

But on static cells, rowHeight set on individual cells can override UITableView's.

Not sure if it's a bug, Apple might be intentionally doing this?