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Python Question

Identify alternating Uppercase and lower case characters in python

I am having data as follows,


1 Word1
2 WoRdqwertf point
3 lengthy word
4 AbCdEasc
5 Not to be filtered
6 GiBeRrIsH
7 zSxDcFvGnnn

I want to find out alternating capital and small letters in the string and remove those rows containing words like these. For ex., if we see here,
WoRdqwertf , AbCdEasc, GiBeRrIsH,zSxDcFvGnnn
has alternating characters and I need these to be removed.

The point here is, the first row which contains
shouldn't be removed because it has only one caps followed by one small. I want to remove the rows only when it has a caps, small, caps arrangement or small, caps, small arrangement. My output here should be,


1 Word1
3 lengthy word
5 Not to be filtered

Can any body help me or give some idea how to approach this problem?

Answer Source

You can use string methods.

l = ['Word1','WoRdqwertf point','lengthy word','AbCdEasc', 'Not to be filtered','GiBeRrIsH', 'zSxDcFvGnnn']

n = []
for section in l:
    new_section = []
    for w in section.split():
        if w == w.title() or w == w.lower():
    s = ' '.join(new_section)
    if s:
    del new_section
print n

One-Liner ->

print filter(bool, [' '.join(w for w in section.split() if w == w.title() or w == w.lower()) for section in l])     


['Word1', 'point', 'lengthy word', 'Not to be filtered']
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