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TypeScript Question

Typescript lint marking errors

I have a qustion. I upgreade my packgages.json and after that my tslint mark every soft-mistake to underscore red. When i said soft-mistake i mean a too long line or to many spaces or tabs. Those mistakes was marked by green underscore befor update. Can anybody help my with configurate tsliny ?

Answer Source

In the .eslintrc files you would have json object. Search for key rules. Now here you would have rules specified for lint to evaluate your code against. Each rule will have a number 0 or 1 or 2, wherein :

"off" or 0 - turn the rule off
"warn" or 1 - turn the rule on as a warning (doesn’t affect exit code)
"error" or 2 - turn the rule on as an error (exit code is 1 when triggered)

You can change the number as per your convenience to modify the rule.

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