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List all mounted Volumes in a Menu Bar Submenu (programmatically only)

I'm currently working on a "menu bar only" project and I need to list all mounted Volumes in a submenu in the menubar app. I figured out how to print() all mounted volumes but I need help with the submenu (without .xib or .storyboard work)
This is my "listVolumes func"

func listVolumes(sender: NSMenuItem) {
let keys = [NSURLVolumeNameKey, NSURLVolumeIsRemovableKey, NSURLVolumeIsEjectableKey]
let paths = NSFileManager().mountedVolumeURLsIncludingResourceValuesForKeys(keys, options: [])
if let urls = paths {
for url in urls {
if let components = url.pathComponents
where components.count > 1
&& components[1] == "Volumes" {

an below is my code for the "menu bar app"

let statusItem = NSStatusBar.systemStatusBar().statusItemWithLength(-2)

func applicationDidFinishLaunching(aNotification: NSNotification) {

if let button = statusItem.button {
button.image = NSImage(named: "StatusBarButtonImage")
let menu = NSMenu()

menu.addItem(NSMenuItem(title: "Volumes", action: Selector("volumes:"), keyEquivalent: ""))
menu.addItem(NSMenuItem(title: "Help", action: Selector("help:"), keyEquivalent: ""))
menu.addItem(NSMenuItem(title: "Quit", action: Selector("terminate:"), keyEquivalent: "q")) = menu


so my question is, how can I create a submenu that contains all the mounted drives (programmatically only)

Answer Source

You have to set a submenu to the volumes menu item for example

let volumesMenuItem = NSMenuItem(title: "Volumes", action: Selector("volumes:"), keyEquivalent: "")
let volumesMenu = NSMenu(title: "Volumes")
volumesMenuItem.submenu = volumesMenu

I recommend to return an array of the names from your listVolumes() function, then you can add menu items to volumesMenu assuming volumes contains the names

for volumeName in volumes {
    volumesMenu.addItem(NSMenuItem(title: volumeName, action: Selector("selectVolume"), keyEquivalent: ""))
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