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jQuery Question

How to Create Jquery Two Div Resize Horizontally

I want to create two divs re-sizable horizontally but when first one hight increases according to that second height must decrease and also both have a common parent whose height & width is 100%; So when we increase or decrease the height of both divs they must keep in parent div's height;
here is my code please provide jquery codes and css codes for it; i am using jquery-1.11.2.js and jquery-ui.min.js.

<div id="parent" style="height:100%;width:100%>
<div id="div1"> My Data </div>
<div id="div2"> My Data </div>

Answer Source

you create that using jquery UI resizable() and listen to that resize event

Go to : Working Demo jsfiddle

<div id="parent">
   <div id="div1"> My Data1 </div> 
    <div id="div2"> My Data2</div> 

jquery 1.9.1 & jquery UI


updated:listen for browser window resize

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