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C++ Question

What does iota of std::iota stand for?

I'm assuming the "i" is increment and the "a" is assign, but I could not figure out or find the answer. Also, it looks very similar to the non-standard

which I think is confusing.

Answer Source


The name iota is taken from the programming language APL.

In his Turing Award lecture, Ken Iverson (inventor of APL) said this:

For example, the integer function denoted by ι produces a vector of the first N integers when applied to the argument N, …

That funny character is the lower-case Greek letter iota. I typed ι, U+03B9, “GREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA”, but Unicode actually has a dedicated code point for APL's iota: is U+2373, “APL FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL IOTA”.

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