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gulp Bower wiredep not picking up bootstrap.css?

I have an index.html file. In my bower.json file I have a dependency:

"bootstrap": "~3.3.2"

In a gulp file I have:

bowerJson: require('./bower.json')

When I do this, I see all the css and js being generated, but do not see the bootstrap.css included anywhere within the inject, other dependencies are. What is going on?

I figure there must be a simple fix for this? Or does gulp have problems with this compared to grunt?

Update: I am getting **** thrown at me at a hardcore maven fanatic about how bower and node sucks compared to maven and how after bower install you have to manually modify a bower.json file of a package after it downloads. If there is some way to legitimately not have to modify bower.json or a way to incorporate this into the build process where were not having to require a developer to do this... please update!

Answer Source

After i changed the bower.json file in the root that was originally pointing to a *.less file to the following:

"main": ["dist/css/bootstrap.css"],

It now works.

Note: i removed the entry for bootstrap.js because i don't need it.

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