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Firebase storage: Image file types not showing after upload. How do I use the image?

When I use an npm package like google-cloud or multer-gcs to upload a file to firebase storage bucket (that uses google cloud storage under the hood..) the file gets uploaded. However, the file does not show and image type(MIME). Also, how do I use the image in my node.js application?

Here is the code to upload image to firebase bucket. Used multer to handle file upload..

var path = require('path');
var multer = require('multer');
var gcs = require( 'multer-gcs' );

var storage = gcs({
filename : function( req, file, cb ) {
cb( null, file.fieldname + '-' + + path.extname(file.originalname).toLowerCase());
bucket : 'p****', // Required : bucket name to upload
projectId : 'p****n-bcXX3', // Required : Google project ID
keyFilename: './p****n-5cbc725XXXXd.json', // Required : JSON credentials file for Google Cloud Storage
acl : 'publicread' // Optional : Defaults to private

In my routes:'/food/create', [authChecker, gcsUpload.single('food_image')], function(req, res, next) {
Controllers.create_food(req, res);

When I upload file directly to the bucket, type shows clearly. What's the catch here?
enter image description here

Answer Source

It looks like multer-gcs doesn't support the ability to add custom metadata to a file. If you use gcloud directly, you'd do something like this:

var options = {
  destination: 'new-image.png',
  metadata: {
    contentType: 'image/png'

bucket.upload('local-image.png', options, function(err, file) {
  // Your bucket now contains:
  // - "new-image.png" (with the contents of `local-image.png')

  // `file` is an instance of a File object that refers to your new file.

I'd file an issue with the developer of multer and ask them to support metadata uploads along side blob uploads, especially since gcloud already supports the ability to do this.

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