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not receiving firebase notification from console

i am not receiving notification after sending it through firebase console , i tried sending many notification but received one or two from around 20 notifications, i followed this guide firebase messaging from github
,why am i not receiving notification, my app is installed in one emulator and in one of my phone but when i receive notification which i have sent through notification panel i get them either on phone or emulator never got them on both.

below is the screenshot of my console
enter image description here

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  1. check your android app configuration in firebase console

  2. use a restful client to make the request, i suggest chrome-extension://aejoelaoggembcahagimdiliamlcdmfm/dhc.html, there you can see the response of the request, if your request are sent sucessfully or if you have error, and the response tells what kind of error you have

  3. check android app , in the method onMessageReceived and print everything to see if you receive information, besides you can print the property "from" who is the id_number of your proyect, and you can see if the messages come from your firebase android app

  4. check firebase documentation. I had implementing everything just with the guides and its working pretty well

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