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Node.js Question

grunt serve in Visual Studio 2015 linked to IE for debugging?

I inherited an

application that was built using WebStorm, NodeJs, Npm, Grunt etc.

The app is set up in such a way, that I have to run
grunt serve
to initialize a local server that hits the API and return data. If I simply run it as Localhost (through either WebStorm or VS), it does not pass validation to return my data through the API.

My question is; Is it possible to link
grunt serve
to IE in Visual Studio, in the same way you would run an application in Debugging (F5) mode?

I enjoy using Visual Studio, and like debugging and stepping through my code with IE, as this allows me to set breakpoints in my JavaScript and C#.

Answer Source

Although I did not manage to link "grunt serve" to IE in Visual Studio, I was able to debug using IE, by running my project in Debug mode (F5).

I simply copied the path with token created when running "grunt serve", and used this as my path in Local Host when debugging in Visual Studio. This way it connects to the API, and is validated.

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