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Git Question

Not able to checkout branch even after removing worktree and running worktree prune

I create a worktree for branch using the following command:

Git add worktree <path> <branch-name>

This created a new worktree for me and checked out the branch at the path

Now I thought of deleting/removing the worktree. Ran following commands:

rm -rf <path>
git worktree prune

This should ideally remove the worktree and remove the reference for that path too. So now I should be able to checkout the branch. But when I run following command to checkout to that branch:

git checkout <branch-name>

I get this error:

fatal: '<branch-name>' is already checked out at ''

Could someone help me with what is going on.

Answer Source

I worked around this by erasing .git/worktrees/<branch-name> from the repository directory.

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