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R Question

R autoload library when loading data file

Is there a possibility to define a library that gets loaded, when one reads in a saved object in an .rdata file. E.g.: after running:

dt1 = data.table(a=1:10,b=letters[1:10])

dt1 is saved dt.rdata.

Alas when reading that file in to a pristine R session (e.g. by double clicking on the file in windows explorer) dt1 is available, but corresponding data.table commands can only be used after issuing an additional


in the newly opened R session. Is there some way to define within the data file, that certain packages are to be loaded or some other commands are to be performed before/after reading in the respective file?

Answer Source

Save your data into a different workspace and add a function called .First which load the library.

.First <- function(){library(data.frame)}
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