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Setting Sails js view extension doesn't work

I'm using sails 0.10.5 with handlebars.

I would like all my handlebars templates to use the extension

instead of
. I read in the sails documentation that you can set an
property in
to change the file extension that sails will look for when rendering views.!/documentation/reference/sails.config/sails.config.views.html

I've set the extension that I would like to use but it's not being used when sails is rendering the view. This is what I get in the browser when going to my index route.

"message": "Could not render view \"index\". Tried locating view file @ \"/Users/jeff/Sites/bcsm/views/index\".",
"code": "E_VIEW_FAILED",
"status": 500,
"view": {
"name": "index",
"root": "/Users/jeff/Sites/bcsm/views",
"defaultEngine": "handlebars",
"ext": ".handlebars"

This is my config :

module.exports.views = {
engine: 'handlebars',
layout: false,
ext: '.hbs'

I've also tried the following with no luck :

extension: 'hbs'
extension: '.hbs'
ext: 'hbs'

Has anyone solved this problem before, or have any ideas?

Answer Source

Ouch, it looks like the docs are a bit off on that one. Thanks for pointing it out.

In order to use a custom file extension, you'll need to specify a custom view engine in the engine property. To do so for Handlebars, do:

npm install handlebars
npm install consolidate

and in config/views.js do:

engine: {
  ext: 'hbs',
  fn: require("consolidate").handlebars
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