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how to show data from json to ui-grid in angular ui-grid

I am getting this json from django and I want to show this in angular ui-grid but I am getting error:

Error: or colDef.field property is required

I want to show only attributes from "fields"

the json is:

[{"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": 1, "userId": 1, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 1}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": 1, "userId": 1, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 2}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": "2015-10-18T15:53:58.243Z", "boozprofileId": 12, "userId": 3, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 3}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": "2015-10-18T15:54:24.055Z", "boozprofileId": 8, "userId": 3, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 4}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": 3, "userId": 1, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 5}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": 3, "userId": 1, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 6}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": 3, "userId": 1, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 7}, {"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": 3, "userId": 1, "likeStatus": true}, "model": "buddy.guestentry", "pk": 8}]

Answer Source

The error you receive indicates that you not have defined column definitions for the UI Grid, or perhaps not have defined them properly. Simply refer to the nested fields attributes as fields.<attributeName> :

//the JSON from above 
$ = [{"fields": {"joiningtime": null, "boozprofileId": ....}];

$scope.gridOptions.columnDefs = [
   {name: 'fields.joiningtime' }, 
   {name: 'fields.boozprofileId' }, 
   {name: 'fields.userId' },
   {name: 'fields.likeStatus' } 

demo ->

Remember to target the right controller. You have both IndexCtrl and ajax :

<div ng-controller="ajax">
   <div ui-grid="gridOptions" ui-grid-cellNav class="grid"></div>
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