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Python Question

easy save/load of data in python

What is the easiest way to save and load data in python, preferably in a human-readable output format?

The data I am saving/loading consists of two vectors of floats. Ideally, these vectors would be named in the file (e.g. X and Y).

My current

functions use
and string-to-float conversion. There must be something better.

Answer Source

There are several options -- I don't exactly know what you like. If the two vectors have the same length, you could use numpy.savetxt() to save your vectors, say x and y, as columns:

 # saving:
 f = open("data", "w")
 f.write("# x y\n")        # column names
 numpy.savetxt(f, numpy.array([x, y]).T)
 # loading:
 x, y = numpy.loadtxt("data", unpack=True)

If you are dealing with larger vectors of floats, you should probably use NumPy anyway.

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