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Using WGET to run a cronjob PHP

I tried to do a cron and run a url every 5 mintues.

I tried to use WGET however I dont want to download the files on the server, all I want is just to run it.

This is what I used (crontab):

*/5 * * * * wget http://www.example.com/cronit.php

Is there any other command to use other than wget to just run the url and not downlaod it?

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You could tell wget to not download the contents in a couple of different ways:

wget --spider http://www.example.com/cronit.php

which will just perform a HEAD request but probably do what you want

wget -O /dev/null http://www.example.com/cronit.php

which will save the output to /dev/null (a black hole)

You might want to look at wget's -q switch too which prevents it from creating output

I think that the best option would probably be:

wget -q --spider http://www.example.com/cronit.php

that's unless you have some special logic checking the HTTP method used to request the page

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