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Android Question

How do I create an expandable list view in android from a List of Objects?

I have a list of objects in android. I want to iterate through the list and create an expandable list view, with one entry per object. I already have the

created in the xml file. So i Know I start with:

ExpandableListView results = ((ExpandableListView)rootView.findViewById(;

I want to go through the list of Objects and create a
for each object, and each
will be an instance variable of the main Object.

for instance:

Parent = Object.Title
Child1 = Object.Taste
Child2 = Object.smell
Parent1 = Object1.Title
Child1 = Object1.Taste
Child2 = Object1.smell

Answer Source

you need to create adapter which extends BaseExpandableListAdapter it will manage child view and parent view . see this for details.

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