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Using meld as difftool for git but listing all files in one window

I want to use meld as my diff tool for git.

If I configure my

like this :

prompt = false
tool = meld

and run command :
$ git difftool

then git open a meld window for each file which have changes.

But I want one single window with all my files in the meld list box.
I have read a little about

When I try :
$ git difftool -d

then a single windows is opened with one directory tree in each meld part, but either contain empty directories.

I can not open my files from here.

enter image description here

For infomation :

$ git --version
git version 1.9.1
$ meld --version
meld 1.8.4
$ lsb_release -d
Description: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

I am using
git svn
too, but I don't think this is related in my problem; because as far as I understand git-svn, my directory work as a simple git directory.

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Answer Source

I fixed my problem by removing meld and use a new version (3.12.3) of it:
sudo apt-get remove meld

Now my .gitconfig is like :

    prompt = false

    tool = meld
    guitool = meld

[difftool "meld"]
    path = /home/me/App/meld/meld-3.12.3/bin/meld

And the result from the folowing commands are :

  • git diff : terminal diff of each modified files
  • git diff <myfile> : terminal diff of <myfile>
  • git difftool <myfile> : meld diff of <myfile>
  • git difftool : meld diff of each modified files, one bye one
  • git difftool -d : meld diff of each file, into a single window

I have also add this line to my bash_alias but I think it could work without.
alias meld='/home/benjamin/Applications/meld/meld-3.12.3/bin/meld'

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