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Why isn't my genymotion device listed when I run "adb devices"

I am starting my first android project using nativescript.

I want to run my project with genymotion.

In genymotion GUI settings/ADB I am using custom Android SDK tools and genymotion tells me the android SDK tools are found. Also the VirtualBox path is valid, and when I renamed the device the VirtualBox name and Genymotion name both changed. The Virtualbox VM is powered down.

I start genymotion and get the emulator open with a black screen. I then run:

tns run android

per the nativescript docs

I get as output:

Cannot find connected devices. Reconnect any connected devices, verify that your system recognizes them, and run this command again.

I then tried running:

adb devices

and got an empty list so it seems my device is not being recognized, I just don't know why.

I have also tried running:

tns run android --emulator --geny nameOfDevice

This starts the emulator but again just a blank screen. So I guess nativescript knows about the device but adb doesnt?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies in advance if I am missing some obvious android issue.

Answer Source

Do not open genymotion before adb initialisation.

Start adb server first by adb start-server and then open genymotion to initialise emulator.

After that you should be able to see emulator in list of running devices through adb command. I ran into the same scenario where adb does not list emulators if genymotion is opened before adb initialisation. I hope it helps.

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