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Can you detect "dragging" in jQuery?

I have a throbber that is to appear when a user clicks a link.

The problem is is that that same link can be clicked and dragged to be rearranged. In this case, I wouldn't need the throbber to appear. It only needs to appear if its actually waiting to go somewhere.

How can I, with jQuery, create an event listener that would only allow a throbber to appear if its a click through to a link, and not a click and drag?

Answer Source

On mousedown, start set the state, if the mousemove event is fired record it, finally on mouseup, check if the mouse moved. If it moved, we've been dragging. If we've not moved, it's a click.

var isDragging = false;
.mousedown(function() {
    isDragging = false;
.mousemove(function() {
    isDragging = true;
.mouseup(function() {
    var wasDragging = isDragging;
    isDragging = false;
    if (!wasDragging) {

Here's a demo:

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