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Propel ORM - Joining unrelated tables

How does this SQL statement translate into Propel (1.6.3)?

SELECT * FROM table_a JOIN table_b

With tableA and tableB sharing no Foreign Keys and having no relationships defined.


doesn't work since Propel complains with an error:

"Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PropelException' with message 'Unknown relation TableB on the TableA table'

Thanks very much in advance for any help and hints! This is my first post here and I hope I haven't done anything wrong yet :-) (I've searched thoroughly before I posted!)

Answer Source

You can work around this limitation by using raw SQL syntax. For instance:

$con = Propel::getConnection(SomePeer::DATABASE_NAME);
$query = 'SELECT * FROM `table_a` JOIN `table_b` LIMIT 10';
$stmt = $con->prepare($query);
if($stmt->execute()) {
    $res = $stmt->fetchAll();

Note #1: These kind of joins can become very big and quickly exhaust the allowed memory size. That's why I've added a LIMIT.

Note #2: The output isn't very clean, arrays of both numeric and associative keys. Maybe there are ways to improve this.

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