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Javascript Question

How do I get the max value of scrollLeft?

Okay I'm using jQuery and currently getting max value of scrollbar doing this:

var $body = $('body');
$body.scrollLeft(99999); // will give me the max value since I've overshot
var max_value = $body.scrollLeft(); // returns 300

When I try this:
I just get the actual width of the contents - 1580

I'm thinking there has to be a better way I'm forgetting.

To clarify, I also tried
which gave me 1280 and 1580, respectively.

Answer Source

You can calculate the maximum value of element.scrollLeft with:

var maxScrollLeft = element.scrollWidth - element.clientWidth;

But so far there is no pure jquery way to do this.

Note that there could be some browser specific quirks that I'm not aware of.

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