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Perl Question

Do you prefer "if (var)" or "if (var != 0)"?

I've been programming in C-derived languages for a couple of decades now. Somewhere along the line, I decided that I no longer wanted to write:

if (var) // in C
if ($var) # in Perl

when what I meant was:

if (var != 0)
if (defined $var and $var ne '')

I think part of it is that I have a strongly-typed brain and in my mind, "if" requires a boolean expression.

Or maybe it's because I use Perl so much and truth and falsehood in Perl is such a mine-field.

Or maybe it's just because these days, I'm mainly a Java programmer.

What are your preferences and why?

Answer Source

I like my ifs to make sense when read aloud:

if (is_it_happening) ...
if (number_of_sheep != 0) ...
if (pointer_to_something != NULL) ...
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