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Access Javascript variable on the Backend in Rails

I have value in my Coffeescript file (
), that I want to access and use at the backend in my ruby file

How can I access this Javascript value from the backend in Rails?

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You can't simply share and access variables from independent scripts that are running separately on the frontend and the backend. If you want to pass a value from the frontend to the backend, you need to use Ajax.

You can do something like this in Rails:

Use Ajax to pass the value

# app/assets/javascript/

$.ajax '/run_job',
  type: 'POST'
    my_var: variable_you_want_to_pass

Then create a new Route to receive it

# config/routes.rb

post '/run_job', to: 'jobs#run'

and add a controller method which receives the passed value and executes your my_job.rb with it:

# app/controllers/jobs_controller.rb

def run
  passed_variable = params[:my_var]

  # now invoke your my_job.rb with the 'passed_variable'
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