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TypeScript Question

Mimic a HTTP Observable return with subject

I have created an angular 4 service that currently uses an HTTP request to return an Observable of type Comment.

return, JSON.stringify({ 'Text': comment.Text, 'ThreadId': threadId }), options)

I want this service to return a local data I constructed into a variable when I am on a local host. However, I am unable to just return my local variable of type comment since it is not an Observable. How do I go about making this local variable into an observable?

Answer Source

Just pass in your variable as an argument to Observable.of method. It will return an observable.

*You can accomplish the same with Subject, but I don't see why you would use one in this scenario. Anyway,

var subject = new Subject();;

Rx.Observable.of(...args) Converts arguments to an observable sequence.

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