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Javascript Question

javascript setTimeout or jquery delay - neither are working for me

I have a

like this

<div id="sale">

and I tried to use both



setTimeout(sale(), 3000);

function sale() {

but neither of them are working. The jQuery delay says
is not a function while the
way says useless
call (missing quotes). If I add double quotes around the
call, it just says "Sale is not defined".

Why won't either of these work?

All I'm trying to do is make a div appear 3 seconds after the page is loaded.

Answer Source

In case of setTimeout you're simply doing it wrong.

setTimeout(sale(), 3000); // will call sale and use the RETURN value in the callback but sale returns undefined

You need to pass in a function:

function sale() {

setTimeout(sale, 3000); // just pass in the reference to sale()

Other possibility:

// no difference in this case
// Note: if it were then you would need to do this version
//       otherwise sale() will get called with the this set to window
setTimeout(function(){sale()}, 3000) 

And last but not least:

setTimeout(function() { $('#sale').slideDown(500); }, 3000);
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