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Python Question

writing out after comparing columns from 2 csv/dataframes

I feel like there is a much intuitive way to do this then with for loops but i am currently stuck. i got a portion of it but filled the rest with psuedocode. Would greatly appreciate some help with this.

import pandas as pd
first_df= pd.read_csv('city_states.csv')

second_df = pd.read_csv('locations.csv);

for i in first_df[:,0]: #city column
for j in first_df[:,1] #state column


if i == second_df[:1]: # state column in second data frame
and if j == second_df[:2]: # city column in second data frame

write the longitude and latitude if a match occures to text file delimted by tab

This is what i am trying to do Currently i am trying to generate longitude and latitude from one csv if it's contained in another csv. Maybe data frames. i am looking in to best option


zip state city lat lng
35004 AL Acmar 33.584132 -86.51557
35005 AL Adamsville 33.588437 -86.959727
35006 AL Adger 33.434277 -87.167455
35007 AL Keystone 33.236868 -86.812861
35010 AL New Site 32.941445 -85.951086
5014 AL Alpine 33.331165 -86.208934
35016 AL Arab 34.328339 -86.489638

if city and state match the city and state of this second csv. We need to create a txt file with those long and latitides delimited by tab, as written in the above psudeocode. First data frame refers to city_state.csv and second data frame referes to locations.csv which contains the long and lat we are trying to extract if there is match


City State
Burlington VT
Minneapolis MN
Bloomington IN
Irvine CA

expected output

95.64652295 36.70384646
72.6535921 23.0519796
-86.2651028 43.222406
55.29835975 25.25033149
-117.87059452 34.11669299
-80.26491717 25.80180169

Answer Source

I think you need merge and to_csv:

print df1
     zip state        city        lat        lng
0  35004    AL       Acmar  33.584132 -86.515570
1  35005    AL  Adamsville  33.588437 -86.959727
2  35006    AL       Adger  33.434277 -87.167455
3  35007    AL    Keystone  33.236868 -86.812861
4  35010    AL     NewSite  32.941445 -85.951086
5   5014    AL      Alpine  33.331165 -86.208934
6  35016    AL        Arab  34.328339 -86.489638

print df2
          City State
0       Alpine    AL
1  Minneapolis    MN
2  Bloomington    IN
3       Irvine    CA

df = pd.merge(df1, df2, left_on=['state','city'], right_on=['State','City'])
print df
    zip state    city        lat        lng    City State
0  5014    AL  Alpine  33.331165 -86.208934  Alpine    AL

df[['lat','lng']].to_csv('filename.txt', sep='\t', header=False, index=False)
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