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Android Question

Preview tab is not visible in Android Studio

I have installed an android studio and tried to create my first project. But preview tab is not visible.
I checked it in the View -> Tools Window but the preview is also not present there.

Even Design/Text tab is not visible in the android studio. I checked the earlier posts in stackoverflow but have not been able to resolve this problem.
Like this one : where is android studio layout preview

Not able to show you the image as this is my first question and I have only 1 reputation. :(

Please suggest a way to find it.

Thanks in advance

Answer Source

As per the screenshot your project structure is not as per it should be. Reason is clearly visible in the picture, Your SDK buttons in tool bar are grayed in screen shot that means there is some problem in the SDK path.

please set your SDK path from

 File > Project Structure > Android SDK

And after that sync your project with gradle using the tiny gradle button available in tool bar.

Not even the preview, you will not see any android specific tabs if your sdk path is not correct.

For reference your studio will look like this after correct sdk


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