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C Question

Need to know good practice should i follow on below code

i have code as :

int good_practice(void)
if (somethings == TRUE)
return true; //i am asked to remove it coz it will reach anyhow at end and do same but i feels it is good practice and why should i wait for end?
return false
return true;

i am asked remove first return since it will ultimately reach end of function and will return true.Is this good ?

what i feel why do i need to wait for cpu to go at end of function and return though i can do early.if i have decide to return with some condition why should i return from end why not there itself why to wait for end ?

And also if i am wait for end the i increase time complexity(i know it won't make any difference) but no of instruction is also increased.

please help me to get out of this confusion?

Answer Source

This is called an “early return” and I don’t think there is a clear consensus.


  • You can’t execute some other code by mistake if you return early.
  • If you are reading this particular execution branch, the early return makes the flow more explicit.
  • It’s also possible to decrease the indent level by returning early.


  • When you’re looking at the whole function, it’s easier to miss an early return.

There are some similar previous questions about early returns, see here for example.

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