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Doctrine bulk DQL update with join

I need to update a large collection of entities (~100k) with a few set of values. To do this, I want to use a DQL update Query.

The problem came from the where clause of my query. I need to filter the entities to update.

$qb->update('MyBundle/Entity/MyEntity', 'e')
->set('e.fieldToUpdate', ':value')
->innerJoin('e.relation', 'r')
->where('r.filter < :filter')

Unfortunatly joins are not supported on update and delete queries.
And I won't be able to use a where clause with
e.id IN "subquery"
since MySQL documentation says :

In MySQL, you cannot modify a table and select from the same table in a subquery.

I'd like to avoid using
facility or other solutions based on loop for performance reason, so...I don't know how to deal with this.

It sounds like a common problem, and I may miss something very obvious...so if there is a workaround to do this, i'll be glad to read it !

Answer Source

Thanks to Miro, I found a pretty obvious solution (of course)...

Since I can't select inside the subquery the same table I'm updating, I had to select the relation, from another table.

Doctrine doesn't allow to select something like r.mytable where 'mytable` is the Entity I am targeting, but, there is a DQL function to do this : IDENTITY

For instance :

    $dql = $queryBuilder
        ->from('Relation', 'r')
        ->where('r.filter > :filter')

    $queryBuilder = $this
        ->update('MyBundle/Entity/MyEntity', 'e')
        ->set('e.fieldToUpdate', ':value')
            $queryBuilder->expr()->In('e.id', $dql)
            'filter'      => $filter
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