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Python Question

Parse key value pairs in a text file

I am a newbie with Python and I search how to parse a .txt file.
My .txt file is a namelist with computation informations like :


var0 = 16

var1 = 1.12434E10

var2 = -1.923E-3

var3 = 920

How to read the values and put them in
myvar0, myvar1, myvar2, myvar3
in python?

Answer Source

I suggest storing the values in a dictionary instead of in separate local variables:

myvars = {}
with open("namelist.txt") as myfile:
    for line in myfile:
        name, var = line.partition("=")[::2]
        myvars[name.strip()] = float(var)

Now access them as myvars["var1"]. If the names are all valid python variable names, you can put this below:

names = type("Names", [object], myvars)

and access the values as e.g. names.var1.

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