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Python Question

Using R or Python, I have to analyze between two excel files

Both the file has same number of columns with same name i.e. Headers, but it differs in row values.(first column rows contains same value) For example Column 1 is over lapping in both the files but other corresponding columns differ.I want to find the difference between two file for overlapping column.

File 1
Column1 Column2 Column3
A 10 9
B 50 100
C 06 15

File 2
Column1 Column2 Column3
A 77 87
B 97 37
C 100 24

Output File
Column1 Column2
A 67
B 47
C 94.

Cheers,Thanks in advance.

You will find better picture in the below pic

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I've used openpyxl with a lot of success. You can open the xls files, read your cells, do your math, and generate the new one dynamically.

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